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For over fifty years, the Guild for Psychological Studies has conducted seminars that bring together the depth psychology of Carl Jung, the Records of the Life of Jesus (Synoptic Gospels), the Hebrew Scriptures, and material drawn from myth, poetry, world religions, and the evolving images of modern culture and science. Using a process based on Socratic inquiry and dialog, seminar participants carefully attend to images and feelings, discover connections between the personal and collective psyche, and often find a new commitment to the deep and unfolding truth that has been called the Self or Soul.

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A Day of Exploration through Images and Dialogue: Discover SoulCollage®



From winter depths…

         …spring emerges…

                  tend your rich and wild ground…

Join us and spend a day in playful but profound dialogue with your soul. You will learn the basics of the SoulCollage® method and invite your own imagination and intuition to guide your creativity.

In Guild seminars, creative expression enriches our experience by facilitating access to deeper aspects of personality, experience and meaning, and promotes awareness and integration.

SoulCollage® is a method of personally creating and working with collage-image cards that bring our heart, mind, soul, experience and environment alive for exploration and sharing. The method provides a way of organizing and giving voice to these personal images facilitating on-going connection, integration and transformation.

Creating image cards evokes a sense of play, reduces stress and uses both left and right brain functions. SoulCollage® has both personal and interpersonal applications.

Rooted in Jungian analytic and transpersonal psychology, Gestalt and Pyschosynthesis, SoulCollage® was developed by Seena Frost, MFT. The method has continued its development and grown through worldwide use for nearly 30 years. (

Our presenter, Mariabruna Sirabella, has practiced and taught SoulCollage® worldwide for nearly 20 years, and trains SoulCollage® facilitators. Mariabruna was introduced to us by a Guild participant who, after attending a SoulCollage® retreat with her, felt it to be an excellent fit for the Guild’s work.

 This workshop meets the qualifications for 5.5 hours of continuing education credit for LMFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and/or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Approved provider #PCE 1829. Please include an additional $15 for the CEU certificate. Participants will:

* Learn the structure of the SoulCollage® method of inquiry.

* Explore how the SoulCollage® process offers a way to access and integrate information from both the conscious and unconscious mind by engaging both sides of the brain and by offering a way to consciously consult and organize this information

* Practice using creative expression and imagination as ways to dialogue with energies present in the self and in the world.



Sat, 03/05/2016 - 10:00am - 4:30pm
Elizabeth Bremer’s home in Lafayette, CA (rides can be arranged from Lafayette BART)
Mariabruna Sirabella, MS, LMFT, SCT
Register by Feb. 5th: $65 / after Feb. 5th: $75. An additional non-refundable registration fee of $15 is due with all registrations. The workshop fee includes SoulCollage® materials. Limited scholarships and payment plans are available.

The Guild for Transformational Studies 2016 Summer Guild Retreat -- July 16–24, 2016 Flame and Flower: Encountering the Living Questions

Join a circle of seekers for a nine-day retreat at Shepherd’s Spring in Maryland to explore your living questions and come to a fuller expression of your own truth. Questions, intensely asked and heard, can set the course of a life, drawing us from birth to birth, dissolving and transforming ourselves as the very journey of life. No matter where we are in our life’s journey, at the beginning, middle or end, questions work away on us, disturbing complacency and awakening consciousness. What are the burning and urgent questions you are wrestling with? In each inviting question, what is the bud yearning to become a flower? In this seminar we will explore how to live in relation to our living questions. We will seek to know the questions that have been guiding our lives, and to discover the new questions that are emerging right now.

The seminar process uses a modified Socratic method to guide group discussion. We honor the dignity of each individual to express their truth and move at their own pace. Mutual respect will support us in our quest to discover the gifts within our depths. Our work will be enriched by the use of non-verbal approaches: meditation, expressive arts, music, body movement and awareness, drama, and silence. All applicants new to the Guild are asked to accompany their application with a letter stating why they wish to attend and any pertinent information about prior study and experience around spiritual issues.

For a registration form and additional information, please contact Susan Thompson at, We will keep the circle small, so sign up early!

Partial scholarships are available. Please apply with your request to Susan Thompson.


Date & Time: Saturday, July 16 to Sunday, July 24, 2016.

Leaders: Hal Childs, PhD, M.Div, MFT and Patricia Stenger, MFT

Location: Shepherd’s Spring Retreat Center, Sharpsburg, MD

Fee: $1,800 (this includes ALL expenses for a double room, board, art materials, and leader fees for 9 days)

($200 per day). Extra fee charged for single room.

In the November 2015 Threshing Floor: Opportunities for Reflection

This month we offer two special opportunities. The ongoing series on the Records by Hal Childs brings an "interlude" of questions that can help those of us who have experienced these seminars reflect on what they have meant to us, what they mean today, and what may have changed. We also include full information for the December seminar "Keeping Watch Over Solitude," to be held at Four Springs December 4 through 6.


Keeping Watch Over Solitude: A winter solstice weekend for reflection, stillness, and deepening


 What truth might conceive itself in the clearing of solitude?

Silent branches, crunch of frozen ground, mist-softened sound, winter cocoons us in its long nights. Summer’s quickened pace withdraws, the cold season longs for reflection and rest. Numerous outer and inner distractions cause us to draw back from the edge of the truth buried in solitude, the truth we most need to hear.

Solitude: oasis of silence and stillness, a time for opening and listening. Group discussion, expressive arts, body awareness, nature, good food and good company will help us work together as we open to solitude’s own voice. 


Fri, 12/04/2015 - 7:00pm - Sun, 12/06/2015 - 1:00pm
Four Springs, Middletown, CA
Jennie Larson and the Casting Seeds Leadership Group.
$350 (scholarships are available). Nonrefundable deposit $50.

Summer 2016 Seminar at Four Springs

 The Guild has reserved June 25 through July 3, 2016 for a summer seminar at Four Springs. We in Casting Seeds have been gripped by images and ideas of Home, and the figures of the pilgrim, the refugee, the exile, and the wanderer and what they might offer to and evoke in us as they speak about themselves. More details soon!


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