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For over fifty years, the Guild for Psychological Studies has conducted seminars that bring together the depth psychology of Carl Jung, the Records of the Life of Jesus (Synoptic Gospels), the Hebrew Scriptures, and material drawn from myth, poetry, world religions, and the evolving images of modern culture and science. Using a process based on Socratic inquiry and dialog, seminar participants carefully attend to images and feelings, discover connections between the personal and collective psyche, and often find a new commitment to the deep and unfolding truth that has been called the Self or Soul.

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Old Lodge and New: Reflections in the July 2014 Threshing Floor

The July issue of the Threshing Floor has reflections from the recent dedication of the new lodge at Four Springs by Hal Childs, Tim Locke, and others. Also, Steve Toby reflects on the passing of Guild member (and former Board member) Nancy Heron.



In the June 2014 Threshing Floor ...

This issue features invitations to consider serving on the Guild's Board of Directors. The Guild is seeking to add new members who can bring diverse experience and skills. Also see the descriptions of summer seminars at Four Springs and in Maryland.

The Board of Directors Invites You

The Guild Board of Directors is recruiting candidates between now and mid-July in preparation for the annual election, which will take place in August. We would like to hear from you to talk about board work and our plans for the coming year.
Our organization depends upon the active participation of the Guild community in furthering our work. You can contribute—please consider it. Additionally, there may be someone you would like to encourage to consider being a candidate—please speak with them.
The Board manages the Guild’s structure and policies in order to further our mission and vision. (See Mission and Vision Statements in masthead.) We seek to bring forth the Guild’s work by supporting the energy of leaders to grow and create programs while maintaining a healthy financial basis through which to fuel future development.
Directors who bring experience with financial, organizational, and program development are especially sought. Individuals who are not compensated for any work in the Guild during their board service must comprise more than half of the directors. You have insights and creativity to bring. We are calling upon you to join our leadership team.
Currently, the board meets every other month, on a Saturday, in the East San Francisco Bay Area. Though not preferable, it is sometimes possible for members who cannot travel to a meeting to participate by conference call, and video conferencing may also be considered. Between meetings, communication is usually by group e-mail, and members contribute a few hours to projects individually or with others.
Directors are elected to 2-year terms. Please contact the Guild office ( to submit a nomination. For more information, or to discuss your interest, please contact any current board member. The current directors are Elizabeth Bremer, Hal Childs, Harry Henderson, Jennifer Larson, and Rita McGowan.
Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, Sunday, July 20, 2014. By then, potential candidates must confirm their willingness to run and have the official nomination of a voting member in good standing (voting members may nominate themselves).
Along with their confirmation, candidates are asked to provide a brief statement of interest and qualifications to be included with ballots (150 words max.).
Ballots will be mailed on August 1st.
Elizabeth Bremer, Secretary of the Board

The Way of Imagination

Playing and imagining are natural ways of being human.
As children, our first explorations of our world are
through play and imagination. We reach out, we touch,
we taste, we bump into things, and we bump into other
people. Soul, in its infinite depths, is always exploring
new ways of being, playing, and imagining. Sooner or
later, in the process of life, imagination and play are
wounded, stunted, cramped, toned down. We learn to
diminish our trust in play and imagination as sources of
pleasure, insight, and knowledge. Nevertheless, in the
tradition of natural healing, like cures like, and play and
imagination are always available to us as sources of
healing, renewal, and awakening.
In the teachings of Jesus found in the Records, the
“kingdom of God” is a “kingdom” of Play and
Imagination, wherein a way of life is shown to us that is
liberating and affirming of our deep humanness and our
unique potential, as we are also shown the universal
process of soul itself. Wounding seems to be an
essential process of the cosmos, and thus so are renewal,
healing, and joy also essential processes of the cosmos.
In approaching our wounds, we are not just exploring
the past, but are opening to soul’s eternal process of
love unfolding into consciousness.
Although play and imagination are wounded by life,
they are also self-generating and self-healing. Consider
joining us at the seminar this June, “Wound and Healing,
Consciousness and Love,” where we will allow the imagination
to speak to us through Jesus’ parables, and the Greek myth of
Eros and Psyche, of liberation, joy and renewal.
See the flier for the seminar in this issue of the Threshing Floor for more information.

Scholarships and Payment Plans can Help with Seminar Fees

Perhaps the value of stepping into a long residential seminar, such as this summer’s Wound and Healing—Consciousness and Love invites you to apply or to tell a friend. You look at arranging your schedule; your heart soars! You look at your budget; your heart sinks. Don’t give up—chances are, there’s a way.

The Guild is committed to keeping seminar fees as low as possible, and to offering financial assistance to those who need it. The advertised fee for each seminar is the amount that will cover the seminar cost, based on the expected attendance. Costs include the facility, lodging, meals, materials, and stipends for leaders and staff. Those who can afford the full fee are helping to support the Guild’s ability to continue offering seminars. Anyone who cannot attend due to cost is encouraged to request financial assistance. The Guild does not want cost to be an obstacle to seminar participation and is fortunate to be able to offer scholarships and payment plans.


To request a scholarship, please contact the Guild office, and your request will be forwarded to the staff for the seminar you wish to attend. Each seminar is allocated a percentage of its overall costs, which the seminar staff may distribute as scholarships. Because scholarship funds are limited, it’s important to make your request early, and to request the minimum support that you can manage. Scholarships may be combined with payment plans.

Payment Plans:

To arrange a payment plan, please contact the Guild office. With or without a scholarship, you can arrange to pay over time, with the final payment due by the end of the calendar year in which the seminar is attended.

All seminars, and the Guild’s overall operations, are supported by donations. Gracious appreciation is extended to those who support the Guild’s work—through attending seminars, through making tax-deductible contributions, or both!

We invite you to follow the call toward healing, toward consciousness. And tell a friend—tell several!

From the Board of Directors

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