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For over fifty years, the Guild for Psychological Studies has conducted seminars that bring together the depth psychology of Carl Jung, the Records of the Life of Jesus (Synoptic Gospels), the Hebrew Scriptures, and material drawn from myth, poetry, world religions, and the evolving images of modern culture and science. Using a process based on Socratic inquiry and dialog, seminar participants carefully attend to images and feelings, discover connections between the personal and collective psyche, and often find a new commitment to the deep and unfolding truth that has been called the Self or Soul.

You are invited to use the menus on the left to explore the seminars we offer, read about upcoming events, learn more about the people of the Guild, view a growing collection of resources, and find out how you can participate in or contribute to the Guild's work. You can use the Guild Information and Contacts link or links throughout many other pages to ask questions about the Guild in general or any particular seminar. Don't forget to browse the boxes on the right side of the home page to see the latest forum and blog posts as well as recent Guild news.

Poetic Potpourri in the May Threshing Floor!

 May brings bursts of wildflowers where showers had been. For us, the May Threshing Floor brings poems thoughtful, ruefull, wondering, wandering, and much more.

Nourishing the Soul: 2017 Dates

 The dates for Nourishing the Soul for 2017 have been set. The seminar will be from Monday April 3 at 5:30 PM to Thursday April 6, 2017.

A full notice will be published when more information is available.


Life's Collage in the April Threshing Floor

 The April issue of the Threshing Floor invites you to explore the art of Pierre Bonnard with Sue Renfrew and reports on the recent Soul Collage workshop hosted by Elizabeth Bremer. Also reflections on home, the scope of love, and other topics, and information about the summer seminars here and in Washington DC.

Bonnard's Gift: an Art Day with Sue Renfew

What I hope to do is to capture his warmth, his wit and the glory of his art. There are extremely few examples of his work in San Francisco, and so this is an exhibit that will be spoken of for years. Where would color be without him?  I see the day beginning at 9:30 and ending at 4 with  lunch provided. In the morning, we will begin with a tour  of his work ( I have over 30 examples), taking a note pad to jot down our quick responses, and then gather in the living room to talk about the experience. Also, I hope to shed light on why he is seen as a postimpressionist and to use his statements on art in my questions.  (We will have a break at 10:30 and lunch at 12:30.) In the afternoon, we have a brief time of movement and then there will be two hours for everyone to use any of the art materials available. As in other seminars, we will return to share our experience  with the group. What i have discovered in these art days is how many people find they can enjoy what they have created and have continued doing art without a critic on their shoulder from then on. The magic of color, and delight in what we see can make a difference in what life can bring us.
This seminar is generously supported by a sponsorship donation, allowing it to be offered at a low fee.

 Note: participants will need to attend the exhibit "Pierre Bonnard: Painting Arcadia" at the Legion of Honor on their own, prior to the seminar. For more information on the exhibit, click here.

Sat, 05/07/2016 - 9:30am - 4:00pm
Sue Renfrew's home in San Francisco.
Sue Renfrew
$50 plus a non-refundable registration fee of $15.

Special March Issue of the Threshing Floor - Catch Up with Guild Activities!

 As we've been doing the past few years, we're using the March issue of the Threshing Floor to bring news of the doings of the Guild and of related groups around the country. We've also invited a number of individuals to share their personal experiences of Guild seminars and how they've influenced (and continue to influence) their lives. Also, of course, we have information about upcoming events, including are 2016 summer seminar "We are Soul's Refugees!"



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