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For over fifty years, the Guild for Psychological Studies has conducted seminars that bring together the depth psychology of Carl Jung, the Records of the Life of Jesus (Synoptic Gospels), the Hebrew Scriptures, and material drawn from myth, poetry, world religions, and the evolving images of modern culture and science. Using a process based on Socratic inquiry and dialog, seminar participants carefully attend to images and feelings, discover connections between the personal and collective psyche, and often find a new commitment to the deep and unfolding truth that has been called the Self or Soul.

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In the December 2014 Threshing Floor

 As befits the reflective quality of the season, this month's Threshing Floor includes reflections on Wisdom and an invitation to a special one day seminar sponsored by More Fire for Life, as well as a poem by Bill Thomas. There's also the happy news that senior Guild leader Manuel Costa now has a granddaughter!


Nourishing the Soul, 2015 - Hold these Dates!

Nourishing the Soul will be held April 13-16, 2015. The subject for the seminar has not yet been decided, but the many participants who have come over the years will be quick to say that this seminar is always a rich and rewarding experience. For more information, contact the Guild office (


In the November 2014 Threshing Floor

In this issue of The Threshing Floor the dialog about the "the idea of the human" and the future continues with Harry Henderson's response to Norman McMullen and Chris Weil.There are also updates on project proposals including the "new" description of Casting Seeds, which actually reflects the roles it has been fulfilling for some time in researching, developing, and implementing seminars and other events. Finally, there is information about the upcoming Advent/Winter seminar "In Bleak Winter: A Solstice Meditation" to be held at Four Springs December 5-7, 2014.






In Bleak Midwinter: A Solstice Meditation at Four Springs

Creeping darkness, thinning light, another approaching winter solstice. No matter how dark it gets, we know the season will turn toward spring.
The creeping darkness of the human heart and mind is another matter. It comes upon us at a moment’s notice, triggered by who knows what. States of despair and meaninglessness can swallow us whole.  And what of the world’s despair, the world’s bleak midwinter? Now that the heavens are empty of the gods, and history seems meaningless, what are we to do? When struck with insignificance, are we powerless to help ourselves?
What attitude is called for by the bleak midwinter, whether personal and/or existential? Within these dark states, is soul longing, is soul calling, for our attention? Is it possible to stand and face meaninglessness, within or without, and discover some truth?  Can we meet our midwinter with courage, love and openness?
Come and help us deepen our exploration of this dark season as a mirror of soul.
What question is addressed to you by this year’s dark midwinter, your inner solstice?
Silence, group discussion, expressive arts, body awareness, nature, good food and good company will help us work together as we open to the dark's own voice.
Note: a copy of the seminar brochure (PDF) is attached. 

Fri, 12/05/2014 - 6:00pm - Sun, 12/07/2014 - 2:00pm
Four Springs, Middletown, California.
Faith Mason and Hal Childs with the Casting Seeds group.
$350 plus $50 nonrefundable registration fee. (Scholarships are available; contact the Guild office for scholarship information.)

In the October 2014 Threshing Floor

Quite a bit of news in this issue. There are several thoughtful and challenging responses to my article in the last issue about the changing idea of the individual and the psychology of the future. There is also news about the evolving mission of Casting Seeds, which is now functioning as a laboratory for psychological thought and a development group for seminars and other events. There are notices about future events (more details to come) and about my having been acknowledged as a Guild leader--something for which I feel both profound gratitude to my mentors and colleagues, and a renewed commitment. The issue finishes with a story about an art work by Lisa Yount commisioned by the Guild to commemorate the fire and celebrate the rebirth of the lodge at Four Springs.



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